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The 5 Main Reasons:    

  1. 1)  I know what I'm doing.

  2. 2)  I have my own unique style.

  3. 3)  I'll make you feel comfortable.

  4. 4)  My shots work!

  5. 5)  I care.



I want to provide you with the best possible tools to market yourself.  I feel that it’s my duty, since you’re trusting me with such an important job.  So, I do for my clients what I wish the other photographers would have done for me.  I want EVERY client to walk out of here saying that these are the best headshots they’ve ever taken!  

You can't just pick up a camera and shoot actor headshots without TRULY knowing what they need to be in TODAY'S market.  What once worked is now obsolete.  You also need to understand what agents and casting directors are looking for in submissions, as well as what an actor goes through when they are counting on their photographer to give them amazing shots. I have worked RECENTLY in acting AND casting.  I look at casting submissions on my own and I also assist other casting directors as well.  I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t nowadays, so I "GET IT” from EVERY point of view!  That’s why they call me an “actor’s photographer.”

Since you’re competing against thousands of submissions, I developed my own unique style that’s designed to make your headshots stand out, while keeping them effective.  My shots are known for telling stories, and they always POP!  I don't like to repeat the same backgrounds and locations-every client leaves with something different.  Plus, my backgrounds always enhance the subject’s face, and never distract from it.  I have a reputation for being extremely personable and for making even the most self-conscious person feel comfortable in front of the camera. I’m a marketing expert who does more than just pose you…I engage and interact with you in order to capture your essence and genuine expressions.  (I always want something going on in your eyes).  My shots are specific--I even direct you as if you were doing a scene, to bring your character to life!  With my guidance, I will make sure that your shots look like YOU, at your BEST.  I will NOT rush you-I take my time to make sure that every detail is in place.  I pay close attention to angles, the way your hair lays and overall composition...and I don’t move on until we get the “money shots!”

The result is HeadshotsDoneRight!