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-Do you use Studio or Natural Light?
I recommend and use natural light for actor headshots, but studio light is also available.

-Do you shoot indoors or outdoors?

-Do you shoot Digital or 35mm?

-How long does it take?
A typical 3-look session with me takes 3-4 hours on average, but I can work within any time frame.  I just don’t like to rush you.

-What is a “look?”
A look is a change in wardrobe, hair /makeup, and overall setup.

-I’m not sure what “looks” to do?
No problem.  Fwd me some photos or come see me in person, and I’ll tell you how you should market yourself.  Many of the agents and managers I work with leave it up to me anyway.

-Do you do consultations?
Most of my clients book through email or after talking on the phone.  If you want to meet me beforehand, we can set up an appointment.  But if you like me on the phone, I PROMISE you’ll be fine just meeting me the day of the shoot.  I have a knack for making people feel comfortable, and I can get a sense of who you are within 5 minutes of walking through my door.  We’ll have plenty of time to bond and connect before we start shooting.  You’ll probably end up telling me your deepest, darkest secrets!  

-How many images will I get?
There is no set number.  I keep shooting until we get EVERYTHING you need.

-How long before I get my photos?
1-2 business days.

-How long for retouches?
1-4 business days.  (Rush orders available).

-What do I need to bring?
Several wardrobe choices. (You don’t need to bring  your entire closet, but just have options).  If you’re doing your own hair & makeup, then bring whatever products and styling tools you might need.  I have stuff here, but it’s always good to bring any makeup/concealer and powder you have that matches your skintone (guys too).  And guys should bring a decent razor if you want to shave between looks.

-Do I own the rights to my photos?
Absolutely.  You bought ‘em, they’re yours.  All I ask is photo credit if they get published.

-Do you only do headshots?
I specialize in actor headshots but I can do anything you want.  I’ve done corporate headshots, theater flyers, zedcards, fitness, fashion, editorial, lifestyle, swimsuit, musicians, book covers, stills, etc.  Take a look at my “HOTshots” section for samples.  If you need something else, just ask me.